Hamas ”förbjuder underklädsreklam”

Reuters rapporterar:

Hamas targets women’s underwear in modesty drive

GAZA (Reuters) – The Islamist rulers of the Gaza Strip have ordered lingerie shops to display more modesty.
A week after banning women from smoking water pipes in public places, the Hamas-run police force has told stores selling women’s underwear to remove scantily-clad mannequins and any posters of racy undergarments.
But Hamas police have broken up a hip-hop concert in the territory and tried — unsuccessfully — to force women lawyers in court and female school students to wear traditional Muslim clothing, a step that drew a public backlash.
Hamas’s modesty moves were widely seen by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as attempts to mollify more conservative Islamic factions that have accused the movement of failing to uphold Islamic Sharia law.

Maan fyller i:

Gaza: Police ban lingerie displays in stores

Gaza – Ma’an – Gaza police announced Wednesday restrictions on women’s lingerie and dress stores across the Strip.
Among the prohibitions include displaying lingerie or pajamas in store windows, having fitting rooms or cubicles inside shops, and using tinted glass for store windows. Security cameras inside women’s stores will also be banned.
Gaza police spokesman Brigadier Ayman Al-Batniji said the new restrictions will ”protect morals and allow people to feel comfortable as they walk down the street.”
The announcement follows a wave of new regulations aimed at women.
On 18 July, the Gaza Interior Ministry issued a ban on women smoking water pipes (arghileh) in public places, with Batneiji telling Ma’an that the practice ”contradicts” Palestinian traditions and values.
Other bans include a prohibition on women from riding motorcycles and attending wedding parties extending over midnight.
On Saturday, Gaza government police seized inventory from several shops and vendors, which a police report said displayed ”immoral words.” The clothing, manufactured in Gaza City, was mostly cotton shirts with the words ”Porn Man Clothing” written on them in bold letters.

Undra om supermodellen Meg Ryans bilder skulle accepteras av Hamas????

Jag menar… hon bojkottar ju Israel i sommar

Meg Ryan canceling a scheduled appearance at a film festival in Jerusalem to protest Israeli policy.
Support for the Israeli cultural boycott has been growing in surprising places lately. After the Gaza flotilla

Israelisk policy vs Hamas policy… jo jo….

Hmmm, undra förresten om det var detta samhälle, denna kamp som Rachel Corrie dog för….

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