Dagens orosmoln??

Hisbollah uttrycker nu sin önskan, att bli nukleära som sina bröder i Iran!!!!

BEIRUT, AUGUST 25 – Lebanon should provide itself with a nuclear power plant for civilian purposes as Iran has, said Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, commenting on the latest protests in different cities across the country against continual problems in electricity supplies.

”I call on the government to look into and discuss plans to build a new nuclear power plant,” Nasrallah said last night in a speech held in Beirut during the Iftar, the evening meal when Muslim break their fast during Ramadan, which was shown on a maxi-screen. The local press quoted Nasrallah as saying that in this way Lebanon could have electric energy for itself and also sell some of the energy to Syria, Cyprus, Jordan and the other countries in the region. The Hezbollah leader also urged Arab countries to provide weapons to the Lebanese army. ”All Arab countries,” he said, ”have said that they care about Lebanon and other friendly countries, which is why I suggest that the government decide the type of the arms we need to equip the army with and submit the requests to Arab countries”. He also added that ”through its friendly relations with Iran, Hezbollah will work to equip the national army”.

Jaha… molnen skulle visst skingra sig lite… det var för fredliga syften… *svälj*



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