Isaac Miracles, med en najs flow

På tal om tro, tillit och förtröstan…

Emunato, hans tillit!
Gud har tillit till dig!!!

Text, första versen:
Where did I go wrong?
So many sleepless nights
Find the truth
As a youth
Multiple fights with my own mama
Who am I, why am I here type of drama
Thinking the Messiah will get out of this one

Im a
Be free one day
Say what I got say
Get my pay and bounce
Those old thoughts never weighed an ounce
Something was always missing
Is anybody listening?
In my eyes you can see my soul glistening
To the sound of the creation
Screaming and yelling be patient
Your time will come soon my son
But when G-d?
I still wanna have my fun
I used to worry about silly things
Fallen fears and fallen loves
Got me acting crazy
Flying high like a dove
Looking for some hugs
In all the wrong places
Wrong intention faces
With broken wings
Unable to grasp the King



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