Professor ringde 911 efter att AZ skytten stört collegeklass

Skytten i Arizona har utmärkt sig förr… så allt mer faller på plats…

(CBS) — Debbie Scheidemantel got to know Jared Loughner when he was a student in her biology class at Tucson’s Pima Community College last summer.

“Class started and, five minutes later, he raised his hand. I guess he got the idea. He asked, ‘Could I go to the library and do the assignment and come back before class is over and turn it in for full credit?’ And I said, ‘No, that it would be half-credit, because it was due at the beginning.’ And again, he started his rant about the Constitution, pointing to the flag, pointing to the Constitution up at the front of the room, and at that point, he wouldn’t stop, so I asked the students to be calm and wait, and at that point I went to the next room, and alerted my lab staff that there was a situation, and I called 911.”
That was the last Scheidemantel heard of Loughner — until Saturday.

Dessutom blev han nekad värvning i armén då han inte klarade drogtextet..

(WaPo) — A military official says the man charged with trying to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a shooting rampage was rejected from the Army in 2008 because he failed a drug test.
The official spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because privacy laws prevent the military from disclosing such information about an individual’s application.
The official did not know what type of drug was detected in the screening.
The Army has confirmed publicly that Jared Loughner tried to join the Army in December 2008, but never was allowed to serve.

…som var vänsteraktivist och trodde USA låg bakom 911 i NY…

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -He believed the U.S. government was behind 9/11

…som hade ett litet ockult altare på baksidan…

Miniature altar with human skull replica in backyard tent at Jared Lee Loughner's home.

(NYDN) A sinister shrine reveals a chilling occult dimension in the mind of the deranged gunman accused of shooting a member of Congress and 19 others.
Hidden within a camouflage tent behind Jared Lee Loughner’s home sits an alarming altar with a skull sitting atop a pot filled with shriveled oranges.
A row of ceremonial candles and a bag of potting soil lay nearby, photos reveal. Experts on Sunday said the elements are featured in the ceremonies of a number of occult groups.

Just sayin’….



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