Årets reseerbjudande

Åk till Hawaii och sök efter Obamas födesecertifikat… För bara $399

(HawaiiTours.com) — This is the perfect tour for those who are interested in helping put an end to the mystery of whether or not President Obama’s birth certificate exists in Hawaii.

Travel arrangements will be made by our team of native Hawaiian tour guides, certified as some of the best on the Island. Activities include island hopping, volcano exploration, a visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial, a 120-mile journey around the island of Oahu and a traditional luau at Paradise Cove. If the missing Presidential documents are to be found, these are the perfect tours to uncover them on.

The following three tours may be arranged in any order, to best accommodate your travel plans. You may call our office at any time for assistance: (888) 753-7277 or email george@hawaiitours.com.


(Hat tip/The Weazel)


5 svar to “Årets reseerbjudande”

  1. Sam Says:

    Glöm inte att ta med förstoringsglas!

  2. Birgit Severin Forslund Says:

    Uppskattar humorn i kommentar.

  3. Birgit Severin Forslund Says:

    och i inlägget också givetvis ska det vara…


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